Yes we are working

We just finished our five songs; we have to polish up two more for the entire release… which will be in the form of a very limited DVD pressing.  The release show will be on a rooftop in Chicago, god willing.  We’ve finished 1.5 videos…one of which features five sad dogs…and of which two I would argue are rather famous.  The lead singer of the band Wire is a huge fan of one (because the dog belongs to a very famous music critic).

What else is new?  David got an awesome espresso maker for Christmas, and he’s all about making killer espressos these days.  Philip is busy making videos of his friend Hector…and the dogs.  I just made a second appearance on the public television show, “Check, Please!” as an All-Star.  Barack Obama couldn’t make it back, so I had to take his place.  I forgot I said something about unicorns, but apparently it made the episode.  I remember saying something about sneezing pandas, but not the unicorns.  Anyway, enjoy.  More soon. xo, jc

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