The Promise now available on Quote Unquote Records

Hey guys,
You can now download the songs off The Promise and view the accompanying videos on Quote Unquote Records.

Jeff is the first person I ever knew to be ballsy enough to a) break up his already very successful ska punk band because it was getting annoying; and b) start over (and become uber successful again) using a totally new music business model based only on donations.  I met him on tour in Cleveland several years ago when he had just started this second band (called Bomb the Music Industry!), and he and his hoodrat friends didn’t have a place to play in Chicago the next day.

So I let him play in the basement of my house.  He spray painted a cassette tape on one of the walls.  Then he wrote a song about it that inevitably put the name of my band somewhere on the map of smelly heavily tattooed teenager boys.

Anyway, so please support Jeff.  He’s a terrible business person, but pretty much one of three true blue punk rockers I know.  And I’m old and cranky!



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